Will Techdirt bloggers clean up?

October 16, 2006 at 11:51 am Leave a comment

Last week, at the Office 2.0 conference, Techdirt launched its Techdirt Insight Community – basically a way of putting companies looking for advice and feedback on specific topics in touch with relevant bloggers. It works like this: companies pose a specific question and Techdirt fields it to a group of qualified bloggers. The bloggers reply in the form of blog-style pieces, and follow-up discussions ensue. The whole thing is double-blind – ie the bloggers don’t know who the company is, and vice versa. Individual bloggers set their own price, likely to be $50-100 per post, according to BusinessWeek.

Techdirt reckons that companies will use the service “to raise issues, get feedback, test ideas, review products, make strategy suggestions, help with purchasing decisions.” It’s certainly a lot cheaper than conducting focus groups or engaging a traditional analyst firm, although, of course, there’s no guarantee that you’re talking to a ‘representative’ sample of people.

It sounds like a great way of gauging the opinions of the blogosphere and of harnessing the value of the industry bloggers – people who are not analysts by profession, but who are incredibly knowledgeable in their chosen areas by virtue of their day jobs. I imagine that, for the bloggers, the compensation will be more pocket money than retirement fund, but I also suspect that their motivation will lie more in the opportunity to shape debates than in the money.

For more reactions to the announcement, check out Techdirt’s updated post here.

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